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RCOM Fellowship Juni 29, 2007

Posted by Putri in Info.

The DFG Research Center for Ocean Margins (RCOM) at the University of Bremen, Germany, has established a competitive and highly selective program for RCOM Fellowship awards. A new fellowship will be awarded in this round in the general areas of marine geology, paleoceanography, marine biogeochemistry, marine geophysics and marine geotechnology. We encourage applications from enthusiastic and dynamic individuals with a demonstrated record in interdisciplinary marine research in fields that include, but are not limited to sedimentation and physical transport processes in coastal areas, shelf seas, and along ocean margins, reconstructing and modeling climate change, and biogeochemical cycles in marine environments. Specific interests of RCOM are directed toward the understanding of (1) stability of ocean margins (geoengineering, coastal protection, geohazards, gas hydrates, effects of human activities), (2) seafloor processes such as mass wasting and physical transport at continental margins and in coastal areas, (3) climate fluctuations, (4) factors governing marine productivity, (5) fluctuations in coastal upwelling, (6) life in extreme environments including the deep marine subsurface, and (7) microbe-mineral interactions (see http://www.rcom.marum.de for further information).

The successful candidate should have received a PhD within the last five years in geosciences or a related field. Fellowships are initially limited to a term of two years and will start in fall or winter 2007. After a successful evaluation a prolongation by one year is possible. Salary and benefits are linked to the German employee scale TVL. International candidates are highly encouraged to apply. Applications should include a CV, a list of publications, a research proposal describing research interests, contact information for 3 referees and completed application form (available from http://www.rcom.marum.de/Jobs.html). RCOM Fellows are expected to develop their own research program within the scientific framework provided by RCOM; proposals targeting research between boundaries of individual research groups at RCOM are encouraged. RCOM Fellows will be integrated in a stimulating and supportive environment that provides ideal conditions for scientific growth.

Applications and inquiries should be directed to Michael Schulz electronically
(mschulz@uni-bremen.de) under the reference number A 80/07. Deadline for applications is three weeks after the publication of this offer. (24.07.2007)

As the University of Bremen intends to increase the proportion of female employees in science, woman are particularly encouraged to apply.

In case of equal personal aptitudes and qualification priority will be given to disabled persons.



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