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Ph.D Positions at the AWI, Bremerhaven. April 21, 2006

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The Alfred-Wegener-Institut for Polar- and Marine Research invites applications for

two Ph.D. positions (BAT IIa/2)  

within the Helmholtz-University Young Investigator Group "Applications of molecular 14 C analysis for the study of sedimentation processes and carbon cycling in marine sediments", starting July 1 st , 2006.

The importance of lateral transport for shaping the sediment record is widely recognized. However, the processes responsible for sediment redistribution, focusing and winnowing as well as the timescales of sediment transport are poorly understood. Project 1 will therefore employ organic-geochemical methods of biomarker analysis and of compound-specific isotope measurements in order to study the timescales of transport of the organic sediment constituents. Transport processes both within the ocean and from land to sea will be addressed. The goal is to derive residence times of (terrigenous) biomarkers in intermediate reservoirs, transit times across the continental shelves and timescales of re-distribution in the deep sea. Near-surface sediments and high-resolution down-core profiles along transport trajectories and from sites of known sediment focusing will be studied. The project will be carried out in close collaboration with the other group members, in particular with the Ph. D. student working on Project 2 : The focus within this project will lie on the fractionation of sediments during current-induced transport. The sedimentological controls on the preserved radiocarbon ages of organic matter in marine sediments will be investigated in the context of sediment physical characteristics (grain size, mineralogy) and by use of radionuclide proxies for sediment redistribution. Radiocnuclide studies and radiocarbon dating will be performed on size-fractionated sediments. An attempt will be made to quantify the amount of laterally supplied material by combining information on sediment focusing factors and radiocarbon age.

We seek enthusiastic individuals holding a Diplom/Masters degree in geosciences, chemistry or related disciplines with a strong interest in marine geosciences, paleoceanography and the ability for interdisciplinary work. The successful candidate should be prepared to join sea-going expeditions. Prior experience in the fields of organic geochemistry and related analytical techniques (Project 1), and sedimentology, mineralogy and inorganic geochemistry (Project 2) are a benefit.

The PhD student on Project 1 will work at the Department of Geosciences at the University of Bremen, in collaboration with the Research Center for Ocean Margins; Project 2 will be studied at the Alfred-Wegener Institute in Bremerhaven.

You may obtain further information from Dr. Gesine Mollenhauer (gmollenhauer@awi-bremerhaven.de).

The positions are limited to three years. The salary will be paid following the German Bundesangestelltentarifvertrag (BAT).

AWI offers nursery places at its Bremerhaven site.

Please forward your applications with the standard documentation (resume, photograph, credentials and activity reports) by May 15, 2006 under reference number 25/Geo to:


Alfred-Wegener-Institut für Polar- und Meeresforschung,
Postfach 12 01 61,
27515 Bremerhaven




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