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Open Position at IfM, Hamburg April 21, 2006

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Open Position Announcement

At the Institute for Oceanography (Institut für Meereskunde) of the University Hamburg is to fill a part-time job position of a

Scientific co-worker


starting from 1 July 2006 by the funding the DFG (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft = German Research Foundation) and the BMZ (Bundesministerium fuer wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung). The title of the German-Indonesian co-operation project is "LITHMOS" (Long term Indonesian THroughflow MOdel Simulation), under the registration characters DA 773/3 1. This project is accomplished in a close co-operation with two Indonesian institutions for partners, i.e. Agency for the Assessment and Application for Technology (BPPT) and the Syiah Kuala University of Banda Aceh. In the project, the water mass exchange between the Pacific and the Indian Oceans is to be examined. Emphasis of the work is extensive numeric model calculations, which are accom-plished by tuning ocean models both on German and on Indonesian side. Here essentially two models are used; a global ocean atmosphere model and a local highly soluble, hydrodynamic model, which are linked over a bi-directional coupling which can be developed to serve both models. Parallel to this project is an internationally led measuring campaigns are accomplished in the Indonesian archipelago through the INSTANT project, whose results are to be prepared for the validation of the oceano-graphic simulations accomplished within this project.
The salary group of remuneration Half IIa BAT under the German salary system will be applied to the co-worker at the half regular work time (20 hours weekly).

The contract period is to be limited on three years basis until 30 June 2009. The stipulation of a time limit of the contract follows Paragraph § 57 b university framework law (Hochschulrahmengesetz) in the version of 27.12.2004 under the German law.

The University of Hamburg aims at increasing the portion of women as the scientific personnel and requests therefore qualified women seriously to apply. Women are considered with high priority in the sense of the Hamburg equalization law with equivalent qualification.

Tasks: Execution of hydrodynamically, numerical ocean modelling, the formulation and conversion of a new bi-directional coupling between the global and the local ocean model as well as putting of the result data in the context of an German – Indonesian co-operation project in the marine science. Outside the main tasks, the opportunity exists for the
scientific coworker of further training, in par-ticular for the preparation of a Disertation that leads to PhD degree at the University of Hamburg.

Field of application:
• Field of application:
• adjustment of the circulation model HAMSOM (Hamburg Shelf Ocean Model) to the selected region of the Indonesian archipelago
• formulation and conversion of a new bi-directional coupling between the global and the local oce-an model • execution of hindcast simulations for the times of the measuring campaigns of the INSTANT pro-ject • execution of simulations during a longer term period of several years. • execution of scenario runs, which special events e.g.
the pronounced El Nino signal etc..
• co-operation with the working groups of this German – Indonesian co-operation • publication of the results in scientific journals
• if necessary preparation of a Disertation to the topic: "Investigation of hydrodynamics with bi-directional coupling between a rough and fine-solvent model by the example of the Indonesian flow".
Criteria for candidacy: This position is appropriate for high qualified personnel with higher education background (Magister degree). The candidate should have good knowledge in the programming language FORTRAN90, the operating system UNIX and the software package GrADS and NCAR Graphics. In addition he/she should have experiences with handling independently an advanced numeric ocean models and adequate English language skills.
Severely disabled person shall have legally no privileged priority as other applicants of same suitabil-ity, capability and technical achievements.

It is asked to submit your applications along with curriculum vitae without original documents. From cost reasons sent documents will not be sent back, but are not destroyed to conclusion of the proce-dure. A return takes place only, if a sufficiently franked and addressed backenvelope is attached.
Question and application until 15th May 2006 to:

Dr. Edvin Aldrian
UPTHB – BPPT Tel: +62-21-316 8828
Jl. MH Thamrin no 8 Fax: +62-21-390 6225
Jakarta 10340 – Indonesia Email: aldrian@lycos.com,

Dr. Peter Damm
Insitut fuer Meereskunde Tel: +49-40-42838-5761
Der Universitaet Hamburg Fax: +49-40-42838-7488
Bundesstr. 53 email: damm@ifm.uni-hamburg.de
20146 Hamburg Germany



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